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The 12 Categories (1 - 6)

Music and ...
This will be a growing list of articles pairing music with a wide variety of subjects.

The child prodigy who turned into one of the greatest composers in music history, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is our first subject covered in this category.

Music Articles
These are contributed articles on various aspects of music. Here are some wonderful music articles for you to enjoy. There are also links to music articles at other websites. Afterward you can return to The Musical Nose by using your browser's back button.

Do you have an engaging music article you could contrubute to this website? Any article you would like to submit can include any links you would like to have. Email me via Contact The Musical Nose for more information.

Music Stories
Music stories will be selected from around the world ----- some being fiction and some being true.

Arguably the reigning virtuoso of the violin in the world today, Itzhak Perlman headlines our first inspiring Music Story.

If you know of any interesting and inspiring music stories you would like to see posted on this website let me know via Contact The Musical Nose.

Musicians of Note
Different types of musicians will be highlighted. They may be composers, songwriters, conductors or performers. These will be from various musical genres and musical periods.

He is one of the greatest songwriters over the last fifty years. Jimmy Webb is our first Musician of Note.

Who would you like to see here as a "Musician of Note"? They don't even have to be a household name. They can be from any music genre or style. They can even be an up and coming musician.
Let me know via Contact The Musical Nose.

Musical Instruments
Over time, most of the assorted musical instruments being played today will be discussed. You will get an historical background of each instrument, links to "How to Play..." articles, playing tips from actual players, and also where to buy. In addition will be instruments that are indigenous to certain countries and regions of the world along with obscure and unusual instruments.

After hearing the classical guitar being performed, Beethoven was so impressed he stated that the guitar was "like a mini orchestra". The Classical Guitar, is the first musical instrument out of the chute in this category.
Pictured: Guitarist John Williams

Music Gems
Here are some beautiful music gems for you to discover (or rediscover). There may be some pieces you may have never heard of and hopefully this will expand your musical horizon.

I've personally selected six "Classical Music" gems to share with you. Don't worry though if you think that this is only a classical music site; other music genres will also be featured in the future.

Perhaps you have "music gems" you would like people to discover. Let me know via Contact The Musical Nose. I may post your "gems" for others to discover.

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