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The 12 Categories (7 - 12)

Music Fun
This includes music themed crossword puzzles, music match games, other assorted music games and puzzles, and videos.

There are a few games, quizzes, and videos here initially, but this will be expanded over time.

Musical Nosebits
"Eat Your Words" along with curiosities, oddities, trivia, anecdotes, and articles about music and noses - even musical noses --- also miscellaneous videos (sometimes about noses).

If you have any interesting "Musical Nosebits" you would like to share let me know via Contact The Musical Nose.

Music Class
Music education, music lessons, music reading tips, theory, harmony etc.

Here are a few music education articles, with lots of great tips, to get us started.

A painting on an Ancient Greek vase
depicts a music lesson (ca. 510 BC).

Music Students
This is a student resource covering career planning, test preparation, music study courses, music schools, music camps, colleges and universities, along with scholarships and grants.

Music Gifts & Products
Whether it's a birthday, graduation, holiday, or just any occasion, here are some music gift and product ideas (and where to buy).

Product Pages
These are web pages that conveniently group together recommended products (CDs, iTunes downloads, DVDs, books, etc.) for some of the the article subjects presented on The Musical Nose. For example, "The Mozart Product Page" accompanies the article "Music and The Radiance of Mozart" found at Music and ....

A wrap up of descriptions of the The Musical Nose Amazon Store and Contact The Musical Nose (along with ~Website Notes~) of The Musical Nose continues on Page 3.

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