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Music is Emotional Singing

Ever notice how music affects you? You are feeling the pulses of drums. Chords are touching your spirit, and are moving you as they change. A virtual, deep conversation almost speaks inside you.

Impulsive singing may overcome you. The basic, underlying tone is what your mind or voice may hum. This 'root' note is played by bass instruments in music, and changes to another root with each new chord.

Melody can 'talk' to you, intellectually. Logical shifting of high tones plucks your internal strings. Truly, melody is as stimulating a conversation as a real discussion.

Instruments ring out striking tones that resonate with our own bodies and spirit. Vibrations of bass slowly move through us and activate organs. Higher vibrations change quickly, exciting other anatomical parts, including brainwaves.

Different instruments have different functions in music. Assuredly, each musical part tempts us to reproduce, and create beautiful sounds. Pianos, guitars, basses, drums, horns, and voices reach us to grab our attention.

Guitars for example, play both melody and bass. They are versatile and portable (a light guitar is easy to carry). Guitars are in the singing range of most people. Tabs help guitarists to easily translate popular music. Once someone learns basic chords, they can create pleasant melodies over basic chord changes.

Most instruments let someone take a catchy melody, and change the rhythm to suit their mood or preference. They may slow the tempo, add trinkets to the individual notes, and change the melodic structure to an inspired phrase. Interpretation is best when it is inspired. A musician may become so moved with the bass, melody, rhythm, and harmony, as to inject emotional 'singing' into the now new music. (Refreshing!)

Playing music can be easy, with understandable training. A musical future is bright, because of artistic expression. Happily, music affects listeners and musicians alike. Music speaks, in a meaningful way, to everyone.

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