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Finding Your Passion Is Like
Finding Your Nose

I have so many people asking me about finding their passion in order to find life direction. Finding your passion is like finding your nose, believe it or not, it's already there.

Even though your nose is on your face you can't necessarily see it. To find your nose you could simply go and look in the mirror and look at your face. You might see your nose, but, how do you know that it is actually your nose that you are seeing in the mirror? Sometimes our mind and our eyes can play tricks on us, how can you be sure that that it is really your nose?

The easiest way to get the answer to that is to take your hand and feel your nose. You can see that it is yours (in the mirror) and you can feel that it is yours so it must be yours. Finding your passion is exactly the same. Your passion is not always something that you can see; it is something that you feel. If you can see it and feel it then it must be yours, just like your nose. The question you are probably asking yourself now is "How do I see and feel what my passion is?"

There are 5 simple steps to finding your passion in life. Through this process you will find that there are many things that you are passionate about, but your commitment level to each of those things will be different. For example, I have passionate feelings towards "cruelty to animals". I give to certain organisations but I don't make it my life mission to be at the coal face of helping injured animals and bringing offenders to justice. Some people are so passionate about this subject that they make it their life mission, even if they are not paid for doing it. These 5 easy steps will help you to see and feel what you are passionate about and ascertain your commitment level. These answers will help give true life direction.

1. Define. Take the time to define what "passion" really means to you. If you don't know that your nose is on your face then you could be searching in all the wrong places to find it. How can you find your passion if you don't know what you are looking for? Is it what you want to do every day? Is it what you want to be? Is it what you think others would like to see you become? In the dictionary "Passion" is described as a strong and barely controllable emotion or an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. It is an emotional state. You can be passionately for or passionately against something.

2. Look. Take the time to go through your daily life and observe what you do, what you surround yourself with and what you think about. Make a list of the things that give you feelings of anger, happiness, love etc.

3. Feel. How do you feel about what you have put on your list? Next to each of the things you have put on your list write down what sort of feeling they give you. It may be a feeling of gratitude, inspiration. It could be a feeling of sorrow or desperation.

4. Ask. Ask yourself why are you passionate about this? How does this passion give benefit to yourself and others? Does this passion contribute to your ability to live and communicate with passion in such a way that it adds value? Is there a way that you could use this knowledge to provide a good or service that would cater to these needs?

5. Commitment. What is the level of commitment that you feel you can give towards this passion? Don't be fooled into thinking that finding your passion will give life direction and answer all of your dreams. Finding your passion is a key that will motivate you to overcome obstacles (both real and imagined). If you are motivated and not committed then nothing much is going to happen.

By taking the time to complete these 5 steps your life direction will become clearer. Finding your passion can be an invigorating feeling. Once you can pin point what your passion does for you and others and you commit to it then you will know the direction that you must face.

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Live life passionately - Karen van Huizen

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